Redefining remote app collaboration and interaction


Today, the world believes in going mobile. Thus, business reliance on support functions is gradually increasing, warranting continuous availability of smart solutions that can help monetize opportunities. The unique capabilities of mobile devices, when augmented by cloud computing and analytics can help businesses improve efficiencies and achieve cost benefits.

The mobile workforce of the digital era is powered by a web of connected devices. As such devices are driven by modern applications, businesses are always under pressure to shorten app development cycles. However, since these apps require various components to work in tandem, businesses need of them to function flawlessly, lest a minor problem in one adversely impacts overall app performance.

Designed to execute a complete app lifecycle seamlessly from inception to publication, Appcentric is a one-stop shop remote application collaboration and interaction solution that ensures anytime, anywhere availability of apps with test capabilities that can be leverage for wider market segment coverage.