Driving seamless, accelerated design-deployment-integration


There’s no denying that keeping pace with technological advancements and deploying the right set of technologies in time to drive business value is quite a challenge. But that’s where effective, targeted solutions make all the difference, enabling organizations to drive excellence and meet business goals.

Ideas conceived in an integrated micro-hub and tried in an integrated prototyping environment can speed up delivering design-to-prototype artefacts, completing the cycle in a mere 2-3 weeks. Accelerating the design-to-deployment phase, thereafter, can help businesses implement such solutions within 5-7 weeks, while continuous integration cycles take solution delivery to the next level, enhancing features and adding functionalities within stipulated timelines.

Altishell can help enterprises leverage the experience-to-prototyping approach for enabling back-end integration of experience mechanics, data and content, and handling multi-channel/device rendering of experience solutions and functionality on target platforms. With component-level integration for specific functionalities, Altishell can ensure improved return on investments through better integration with existing enterprise frameworks and platforms.