Making development expandable and dynamic

Adaptive Development Framework

Altimetrik’s Adaptive Development Framework (ADF) and Widget Library enables the development of multi-platform apps derived from a common HTML5 mark-up stack that can power all the user experience layers of a Web or Mobile app. ADF introduces an easy-to-integrate, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy open source environment that allows customers reach the highest levels of excellence in user interface, consistency and reusability.

Widgets that follow the main principle of design based engineering, make way to create intuitive and efficient Web and Mobile apps for any specific challenge or set of business behaviours. Within this context, enterprise artefacts are carefully crafted and customized to allow customers achieve their goals, in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort.

This methodology elegantly fills all the gaps between the development stages of an app and introduces an expandable, dynamic and customizable development ecosystem. A ready-made Widget library enables a much faster and streamlined mechanism to deliver the best performing user Interface components, which are assembled together to create full-fledged Web and Mobile apps.

The result is a set of customizable enterprise artefacts that ensure reusability and considerably faster ‘time to market’ metrics, while standardizing the prototyping and development layers within the organization.