Addressing the Key Challenges in Digital Transformation

Chief Transformation Officer - US West

Digital Data Transformation in any organization is an ongoing journey. It is a process of evolution that needs to be addressed from multiple angles to reduce risk of failure and minimize resistance to change.

Most organizations today are grappling with a similar set of challenges – relevant skill shortage, undefined and ambiguous processes, and highly complex and inflexible legacy IT infrastructures. Although there’s a plethora of tools, technologies and methods available in the market, there is a need for organizations to identify business and technology partners who can highly contextualize and configure the end-to-end transformation process to help the organization get closer to the goals with speed and agility.

Altimetrik works as an equal partner with organizations, sharing common goals of success. We approach this as a catalyst to change and not as a typical outsourcing vendor. Some of the key differentiators in our approach include:

  1. Generating Real Business Value

Working with business and technology teams we understand the strategic imperatives in order to help define phases that provide tangible business value as soon as possible.

  1. Top Talent

We bring top talent of Architects and Analysts to partner with customer’s Product Owners and Architects in assessing and recommending a long-term architecture that it is resilient through changes of tools and evolution of strategy. Our experts are well versed in regional clustering of data not only from technology scaling perspective but also incorporate business, political and regulatory aspects. All individuals are highly effective collaborators exerting influence for rapid and right decision making in order to achieve speed and agility.

  1. Collaborative Scrum Teams

Cohesive scrum teams comprising skilled and energetic engineers are the staple of our delivery. They collaboratively work with customer’s business and technology teams to achieve iterative milestones every sprint (every two weeks).

  1. MVPs and Release Trains

DevOps and DataOps principles are applied to ensure continuous integration, security readiness and quality release ready code every two-week sprint. Four to five of these sprints are bundled in a release train delivering specific business outcomes defined by an MVP. We define and deliver series of agile MVP releases rather than big bang releases.

  1. Flexibility

Our way of working provides flexibility for incorporating learnings and changes as the MVPs are released and feedback received.  Scrum teams can morph and flex as the program, business, and IT needs evolve.

  1. PlaygroundTM

We use our Altimetrik Playground™ to assemble the top talent scrum teams. It is also used to foster engineering innovation throughout the project for the teams to come up with the best possible solves. Additionally, a ‘Run Ahead’ Innovation team works in parallel to uncover potential roadblocks and get the scrum teams ‘unstuck’ to remain optimally productive with maximum speed and agility.

  1. Accelerators and Reusable Assets

Our teams are proficient in jump starting with a set of accelerators that we bring to the table in addition to relevant open source technology recommendations. Additionally, the scrum teams strive to identify and create / consume reusable assets and scrutinize new open source packages as the implementation progresses.  This approach creates long-term benefits for our customers by increasing speed, quality, and compliance.

  1. Proactively Address Challenges

Our architects and engineers are always on the lookout for adversities and challenges as is the case in a complex system. We articulate various mitigating options laying out business and technical trade-offs without compromising architecture and security. Migration challenges are addressed using parallel pro-forma runs, rollback strategies, A/B throttling.

  1. Measurements and Metrics

Business and technical KPIs are core to our delivery model. These range from scrum team level metrics such as story points, burn rate to business level KPIs in terms of number of customer onboarding abandonments, and response time for a business report aggregating multiple data points.

Our mission is to put customers in complete control of their technology transformation and empower them to go to market quickly. If you would like to partner with us as digital talent or a business under transformation, do drop us a note here!

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