Making sense of the number chaos


Connected devices, communication channels, technology platforms – they all generate staggering amounts of data every day; data that’s intended to provide insights and help make decisions. But what use are those data sets if they can’t be analysed. Yes, it’s analytics that’s driving the data machines running technologies the world over. Crunching numbers and mining information, they lay data stories bare through dashboards and other tools.

The volume, velocity, variety of data generated today calls for next-gen technologies that can store, process and analyse them efficiently. It is also essential that such tools be easily integrated with the current business-IT infrastructure, affecting mission critical functions or decreasing profit margins. Moreover, the way such analytics tools are built and the functionalities that set them apart are equally important.

Altimetrik’s A3P takes analytics to a whole new level with features like iterative analytics that let you improve results by making minor changes to input parameters, model quality analyser for predictive analytics that helps predict the efficiency of a tool, advanced visualization that drives business intelligence and others.