The age of responsive apps is long past; it’s the era of interactive apps now. Apps that predictably and contextually understand the user and the user persona behaviour.

The world is moving fast, and businesses need to move faster. Modern customers are more than just demanding; they are aware and technology-enabled. The only way to be on top of the game is to develop apps that provide an adaptive, user persona driven, context specific user experience for any said domain.

Enterprise apps form the backbone of your business and in today’s digital era the need for these apps to mimic consumer apps and consumer behaviour is more than ever. They need to be smart. A need to re-imagine the science of enterprise user experience!

Altimetrik’s Interactonics help you build intelligent enterprise apps that provide your users and your customers engaging user experience. It uses cognitive approaches to define user interaction mechanics of an app to provide an advanced user experience that is contextual, adaptive and driven by user persona behaviours. Interactonics’ unique behaviour-interaction-component (BIC) modelling technique componentizes every element of the user experience into a set of reusable user interactions and behaviours mapped to a combination of persona, context and domain. These componentized UX elements are then assembled together into an intelligent app.


Altimetrik creates experiences that solve our clients' most complex business challenges. We move our clients' businesses.

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