Altimetrik focuses on making Internet of Things real to our enterprise customers by using data from connected assets to create newer insights leading to defined business outcomes that are more meaningful to the enterprise, thus creating an IoT powered value realization cycle.


By bringing an IoT focused enterprise partner ecosystem, our own edge intelligence framework, accelerator components, advanced user experience tailored specifically to the IoT world and supported by our IoT research & innovation labs, our strategy focuses on causing qualified differentiation for enterprises in today’s digitally connected world.


Our "Think Big – Start Small – Scale Fast" Enterprise IoT strategy handholds our customers through the entire value realization cycle, where, enterprises get to define business outcomes and KPIs and then gradually progress through stages of implementation levels starting from quick PoCs and pilots to systems that scale and integrate with other business processes all the way to development of complex systems that are intelligent and predictive in nature.


Predictive Maintenance

We developed a real time monitoring and predictive maintenance solution to monitor and provide real time insights into the operation of the distantly spread industrial furnaces.

Our platform used advanced edge analytics to trigger instant alerts, complex business rules driven event processing framework and an intuitive dashboard that lets both the manufacturer and its customers to continuously track the health of the furnace.

The solution’s objective was improving customer experience through predictive customer support, lowering of service planning costs and inventory and increase in revenue through value added services.

Precision Monitoring

We partnered with a high tech manufacturer to design a IoT cloud that will connect all their natural gas odorization pumps deployed and spread geographically to a central monitoring system.

The solution enabled the manufacturer and their customers, the gas distribution companies to get a real time view into the operational parameters through a complex and dynamic dashboard supporting real time data with the ability to control the pump remotely and centrally.

The business outcome was expected to be improved efficiency and cost optimization by reducing or eliminating physical on-site support, access to traceable data driven operational audits that aid in failures and legal scenarios.

Remote Monitoring & Management

We are working with a power systems company in the telecommunication industry to pilot a weather proof asset monitoring solution for a multi-site deployment of Fuel Cell Generators (FCG).

Our platform of hardware + software provides a solution to transmit operational data to central systems through the engineering of an edge software to integrate with the FCG protocols, perform protocol conversion and transmit data to cloud with support for bi-directional read / write.

Now the company and their customers have access into the FCG’s real time operational insights and data is now being tied to SLAs and service management systems.