The way people consume technology now has fundamentally and irreversibly changed. And it is going to keep evolving in the times to come. Consumers, at all levels, expect a novel experience, availability and connectivity at every single interface with technology. Imagine the amount of development and innovation that is needed to keep an engine of such magnitude fuelled!

While a lot of technology development in the world has happened on unique methodologies, this in reality implies re-inventing the wheel each time. Result – too much sweat lost in time, effort and resources. The user experience designs behind such technological changes have been evolving too to match up with the times and demand.

Altimetrik Prototype capability centre works on an environment that designs and prototypes the target user experience through cutting-edge application design. By using an interactive and prototype-factory approach, Altimetrik accelerates the design-to-deployment cycle while maintaining a profound customer experience.

The three mega zones that Altimetrik’s Prototype capability addresses are:

User Experience & Design


The ability to deliver products that can delight users is the most important differentiator for future-ready enterprises.

And application design is at the center of this objective. More than just the physical attributes of how a product works, design is the key to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Meanwhile, you can witness your product being incubated in an idea-driven, technology powered environment and delivered within the shortest possible timeline of 60 to 90 days. You also get access to user-friendly manuals that are easy to comprehend and absorb.

Any Device Computing

The unprecedented growth of interconnectivity calls for enterprises to think differently. By leveraging the Altimetrik Mobility and Any Device Computing capabilities, you can prepare your business to meet changing, unforeseen demands and seize the opportunities that mobility presents. What’s more, using its UX prototyping you could gain economies of scale and increased efficiency in no time.

But mobility isn’t something you can blindly take a plunge into. You need a carefully structured, meticulously planned and efficiently executed strategy that can scale as per the business needs for both employees and customers. The aspects of a holistic mobile strategy are many:


Customer Experience

The new-age customer has different demands. And those can be met with a new wave of thinking. A decade back, businesses decided what to serve. Today, consumers decide the fate of a business by their ability and agility to serve. In a world riddled with competition, you are as good as the customer experience you provide.

Altimetrik Customer Experience capability introduces a new-age thought process that is driven by customer-oriented transformation based on the third platform technologies of digital, consumer tech and connected solutions. This is backed by the strong product and platform engineering capabilities of Sales


Altimetrik creates experiences that solve our clients' most complex business challenges. We move our clients' businesses.

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