In today’s digital world, customer expectations and the rules of engagement are changing very fast. Organizations are under pressure to deliver quality software faster and with greater frequency to the business. As the pressure intensifies on companies to deliver more, at faster speeds and reduced costs, software development gets placed against higher tides. Beyond tools, products or process, the true influencer of a revolution lies in a methodology. DevOps methodology is changing the tide for software development making it more agile, cost efficient and intelligent, and ultimately making way for amazing customer experiences.

For long have development and operations teams battled on the principal grounds of change versus stability. Bridging the gap between what’s next and what works, DevOps is a new wave of transformation that is aligning development and operations teams to work coherently and standardize the operating environment through automation, bringing in agile software development on the fly.

Taking cues from DevOps and Lean UX, Altimetrik is pioneering a unique “DesignOps” approach which extends the DevOps methodology to the cycle of user research, design and production. DesignOps ensures that design changes. Adding new features gets as frictionless as possible. It also provides a mechanism that extends the feedback loop all the way from end users to designers for continuous improvement and better customer experience.

Our approach for new entrants to the DevOps journey starts with Tools Automation. First, you are made confident and comfortable with the model-driven approach. Then the process extends to the operations side of your IT department with a dedicated DevOps solution. Then, operations connect back to the dev/test side by using a complete Closed Loop DevOps cycle. Information and knowledge gathered from operations can now be used in the dev/test side for planning and testing purposes.

Altimetrik’s DevOps solution capability centre is placed right at the crossroad, where your software design, development and deployment takes the DevOps route to avail:

  • Freedom of creativity and innovation
  • Time efficiency to focus more on core business objectives
  • About 80 percent faster time-to-market with assured deployment quality
  • A good 10 – 15 percent reduction in total cost of SDLC
  • Last but not the least, improved operational efficiency

Altimetrik creates experiences that solve our clients' most complex business challenges. We move our clients' businesses.

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