The business logic for any transformation initiative is to create a ripple effect that ultimately touches lives. The era of connectivity has ushered a new wave of differentiated thought that is coaxing businesses to see this sublime reason beyond any other. Enriching user experience in every aspect of life – healthcare, lifestyle, wellbeing, financial development – has therefore become paramount.

At the heart of a modern technology revolution such as this, is a suite of next-gen solutions that help organizations innovate, improve efficiencies and drive excellence. This requires enterprise solutions to get a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, in-depth domain knowledge and a thoughtfully laid out plan of action that can enable, expedite and ensure seamless business transformation.

Simultaneously, we operate on consumer-centric grounds; it goes without saying that customization, along with a touch of innovation is imperative to meet the needs of an extremely demanding and knowledgeable clientele.

The building blocks of a futuristic technology scenario include:


Battling complex issues of the digital world, organizations today need robust, flexible and scalable platforms to drive business excellence. Moreover, fierce competition in the marketplace necessitate the adoption of advanced technologies for modeling, automating, managing, streamlining and optimizing business processes to have an absolute enterprise solutions landscape in place.

Designed to help you improve ROI and achieve cost benefits, Altimetrik’s industry-specific SAP modules and Oracle expertise can offer the exact functionality you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Integrating customized frameworks with enterprise systems to empower every elemental unit calls for a partnership with experienced consultants who can offer end-to-end implementation and support services for SAP solutions.

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Moving your core business operations to cloud can help you break free from cumbersome and stringent CAPEX models and migrate to simpler and more flexible OPEX frameworks. Altimetrik’s set of cloud solutions with its advanced IT capabilities lie at the core of this shift. What businesses need today is a suite of next generation technology solutions that can enable the adoption of an accelerated approach to design-to-deployment through seamless integration across on-cloud and on premise worlds – precisely what the Oracle-Altimetrik cloud applications intend to deliver.


‘Microservice architecture’ based development is an emerging angle to achieve a business ecosystem of that can meet modernization standards. Altimetrik Platform and Solutions engineering capabilities spans over to this concept that helps scaling a solution by distributing each service across various nodes. With in-built integration and micro-hub frameworks to accelerate the overall solution realization, the Microservice approach has proven to be hugely successful across different industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, appliances, agriculture, e-commerce and supply chain – this is a concept that is well bound on the way for greater adoption.

Being a neutral player, Altimetrik supports a wide set of open source technologies – a platform to run any piece of software. Technology based development and support runs across Java/J2EE, Spring, Struts, PHP, AngularJS, jQuery, RoR, GoLang, MySQL, MongoDB, and as well .Net.


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