Altimetrik is a business transformation and technology solutions partner to global enterprise customers covering three global mega trends of modernization - Digital, Connected Solutions & Consumer Technologies. It is part of the $100 million Vattikuti ventures, which promotes research, technology and solution building in the space of Digital Health, Robotic Surgical Equipment and Financial Inclusion towards betterment of health and financial status of rural and un-banked population in India and parts of Africa.

Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan (USA), we are building a rapidly growing global workforce of high-calibre digital talent across our development locations in New York City, Bangalore (India), Chennai (India) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

The three mega trends that form the basis of our business, are rapidly being embraced by the world, both by developed & developing nations. However, getting onto the bandwagon from existing landscapes needs a transformation - one which is very aggressive. And that, is the focus at Altimetrik – being today’s technology enablers, consulting on future trend adoption and becoming a transformation partner in this journey for our customers, by investing aggressively in capabilities and solutions that catalyse this transformation. We tell our Enterprise Customers, “Power to your Customers”. Hence, we are keen on creating business & technology capabilities and solutions around consumer technologies, whilst taking cognizance of how that can be rendered in a connected world, leveraging existing investments.

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Business Philosophy

There are three angles to our business approach: (a) taking Digital & Connected Lifestyle transformation as the theme, investing aggressively into very domain-specific accelerators and pre-packaged modules; (b) investing in attracting a very different digital workforce; (c) in line with our conviction-based motto of "Transforming Businesses...Touching Lives", researching heavily and embarking on projects around applying technology in life-touching areas.

In our business delivery models, Altimetrik believes in two clear shifts - one which is a highly User Experience and Prototype driven, and the second is based on infusing Engineering and Art into the behavioral aspect of software development. The future is going to be more about assembly of code and not development of code, which means developing reusable pre-packaged modules & components that can be put together quickly. The future is also going to be about end-users being able to get the functionality they want on the channel, time and place of their choice. This implies that the entire design thinking has to be infused with creativity in rendering the target experience. We have got right into the middle of this. We are placed at the convergence of Art and Engineering to Software/Experience Development. Technology, as the third convergence point we are used to, then becomes a mere tool and enabler.